Monitor your network with multiple TCP/IP utilities
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IP-Tools can provide important info about the network traffic going through your computer’s adapter. This tool is definitely intended for advanced users with a knowledge of networks. It is probably for this reason that the program’s interface looks too technical. Yet, this is not the only problem with the GUI as it also looks somewhat outdated.

As its name suggests, there are various tools that compose this software product. As there are so many of these utilities, I will refer to the most significant of them. Such is the case of the Local Info utility, which scans your computer and shows data about it, including the processor, memory, Winsock data, network interfaces and IP statistics. Similarly, the Adapter Statistics program can provide not only textual but graphical data with support of the most network protocols. Also, there is the Connection Monitor, which shows information about open connections, such as protocol, local IP address, local port, remote IP address, remote port, and status. Finally, there are other utilities, like the Ping Scanner and Trace, which let you find various types of connection problems on your network. The generated reports can be exported as simple text or HTML files.

All in all, IP-Tools is, fortunately, one of the most comprehensive products of its type, which makes it a must for network administrators. It is a way to perform such activities as network monitoring, spoofing, filtering, decoding and parsing from a single place. However, if you feel you need more, perhaps you would like to buy Advanced Host Monitor, a similar program by the same developer with a higher price, of course! Finally, it is important to point out that it is compatible with all Windows versions.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple utilities packed into one single product.
  • Exports reports to TXT and HTML.
  • Compatible with most Windows versions


  • Not appropriate for beginners.
  • Outdated interface
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